‘Mistakes Happen’: The Media Whitewashes the Tyler Wingate Murder

All we hear from the Democrat left and their media is how racist the president, his supporters, and white people (excluding them, of course) are. White people are constantly committing violence on innocent immigrants and people-of-color, in general.

So, when this narrative is amplified in the media it’s not surprising what you won’t hear via their national megaphone; a story that would have made international news had the race of those involved were switched and it kind of makes one wonder where a black person would think it okay to just up and punch out a white stranger at a gas station?

One can only imagine the media outrage had a white man punched and stomped a black man to death over a car accident and the white man’s aunt calmly said…

“We are sorry for their loss.” She added that “he didn’t mean it” and “mistakes happen.”
Detroit Free Press, 7/31/19

Local media consistently repeated the gas station surveillance footage of the attack is too graphic to air. Had Tyler Wingate been the aggressor, a videotaped deadly beating and stomping of Lawrence Davis would be the sequel to the Rodney King video, shown numerous times on every newscast nationwide, if not around the globe.

#MistakesHappen wouldn’t be the cutesy hashtag that currently covers everything from the Cleveland Browns to annoying auto-corrections on a phone.

“Mistakes happen” would be 2019’s “Hands up, don’t shoot”. It would be the trending hashtag for the latest Black Lives Matter take-to-the-streets alert. There could even be rioting in Detroit with every white person walking around with the swivel head. The networks and cable news would’ve spent a couple weeks assessing the state of race relations in this country where the killing of a black man can be taken with such callous disregard. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the parade of wannabe pundits would be on the ground, stirring up the community and goading the Detroit Police Department for confrontations that make for great television.

But we are talking about a media and Democrat Party that will exploit every case where white people en masse are murdered for political agendas while the hundreds of black casualties are intentionally ignored. And the selective “hate crime” designation joke is also on display here because if this situation were reversed, “hate crime” would be heard in every media report since the story broke. Politicians and law enforcement officials would be grilled as to how many more years can be piled on that white murderer because of what he had to be thinking.

But in the case of Tyler Wingate, there is scant talk of “hate crime” being considered. The accused, Lawrence Davis, is already being portrayed as a poor soul with mental illness despite the fact his prior record shows he’s quite the violent asshole.

So, it’s open season on whitey again. The knockout-game fun ended all too soon and it was time for a reboot. Once white people start beating the snot out of blacks at gas stations, Democrats, liberal activists and their media can scream about racism and pointing their fingers everywhere but at themselves.

Because “mistakes happen”.

h/t Jesse Lee Peterson

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