ICE Under Attack: Media Excuses When the Left Commits Acts of Violence

When an accused conservative commits an act deemed violent, all attention is turned on Republicans and President Donald Trump and demands are issued to publicly repudiate those involved as many times as the left dictates is necessary. However, when progressive activists are inspired and/or encouraged to commit acts of violence, there is either silence from our news media as if the incident never happened or justifications and excuses are offered.

Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election, it would be demanded that Republicans respect the will of the people and they would as they always have. There would be no Indivisible, #Resist or #Resistance movement. But because she lost and Democrats decided they wouldn’t respect the agreed-to process of Electoral College results and not a goal post-moving popular vote, the left has given themselves license to act out in any fashion current events dictate.

Their violence is clearly on the uptick and it’s only a matter of time where their violence is no longer just reactionary but on the offense.

Shots fired at ICE Administrative Offices in San Antonio, Tex. are setting off alarm bells for what officials say has become a dangerous trend.

“To fire indiscriminately into any building- let alone a federal building, let alone a federal facility- is not an act of protest. It is an act of violence,” said Christopher Combs, FBI Special Agent in charge of San Antonio’s Division.

This targeted attack on ICE is one of four in the last month or so, the others occurring in Tacoma, Washington, Aurora Colorado and Washington, D.C. “We cannot allow political discourse to lead us to the point of violence where federal employees innocent people doing their jobs are put into harm’s way”, Combs said.

This follows a string of rallies, including on the streets of New York, the blocking of buildings and roads in Washington D.C. and the removal of an American flag at an ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado later replaced it with a Mexican flag and defaced “Blue Lives Matter’ one.

Republicans and conservatives traditionally do not take to the streets, disrupting traffic and committing acts of vandalism as a pattern of “peaceful protest”. Republicans and conservatives don’t trash areas where they’ve actually take the time to obtain permits for their rallies. Liberals routinely do all of the above and they’ve taken it to the next level.

FBI agents are searching for suspects in connection with shots fired at two ICE buildings early Tuesday morning. The shooting first reported took place around 3 a.m. Tuesday on the 1700 block of NE Loop 410 near Brookhaven Drive. We’re told another shooting happened at a separate ICE facility around the same time. Investigators say that multiple shots were fired on two floors targeting ICE officials. No one was hit, but windows were broken in the building. One person was injured, it’s not clear how they were, though.

“I don’t think there’s a question that they knew which floors the ice offices were,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Combs said Tuesday. The building shot at has multiple tenants, with the ICE facility located on upper floors. “All of the shots that we have found are on the floors where ICE had offices,” Combs explained. “This is no question a very targeted attack. It’s not a secret facility, you can go online, it’s out there. So they did some research, they knew what floors ICE was on, they knew what buildings they were and and they hit those.”

ICE ERO San Antonio Field Office Director Daniel Bible says the national discourse surrounding ICE and the topic of immigration is reckless, blaming today’s shooting on politicians, media and activists.

“This attack at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Field Office in San Antonio is completely without justification,” said Bible. “Political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians, media outlets and activist groups recklessly disseminate to the American people regarding the ICE mission only serve to further encourage these violent acts. ICE officers put their lives on the line each and every day to keep our communities safe. This disturbing public discourse shrouds our critical law enforcement function and unnecessarily puts our officers’ safety at risk.”
News 4 San Antonio, 8/13/19

Like college professors and/or high school teachers who inspire their students to risk arrest and possible injury to participate in any manner of protest while staying behind in the safety of their faculty lounges, media and the activist/pundit class inspire aggressive acts from the safety of their studios and offices.

This was at least the fourth act of aggression directed at ICE offices since early July. Protesters outside a facility in Aurora, Colorado pulled down an American flag and raised a Mexican one in its place on July 12. Two days later, a self-described anti-fascist apparently tried to set an ICE facility on fire in Tacoma, Washington. On July 16, nearly a dozen protesters were arrested for unlawfully entering ICE offices in Washington, D.C.

At a time when many Democrats say President Trump bears some responsibility for a mass shooting in El Paso allegedly driven by anti-immigrant anger, some Republicans maintain anti-ICE rhetoric by prominent Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is encouraging violence on the left.

Ocasio-Cortez is one of many Democrats who have lashed out at ICE in recent months over the treatment of migrant families detained at the southern border and undocumented immigrants swept up in raids inside the country. She and others have called for the agency to be abolished.

Of course, when those who intentionally block the freedom of movement of others find themselves in the peril, the media chooses sides and affords them victim status.

The protesters were sitting on the pavement to block staff from parking at a Rhode Island prison that works with Immigration and Customs Enforcement when a black pickup truck swerved toward them. The protesters shouted as the driver laid on the horn, and the truck briefly stopped. And then, the driver hit the gas.

In a viral video captured by bystanders, the protesters screamed and jumped out of the way. Several were struck, according to organizers of the Wednesday night demonstration at the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, R.I. Some were treated at a hospital, though none were severely injured.

“It was terrifying because we didn’t know what exactly his intention was,” Amy Anthony, a spokesman for Never Again Action, a Jewish activist group that planned the protest, told The Washington Post. “It certainly appeared he was trying to hit us.”
Washington Post, 8/15/19

As Bill Maher basically told the nation, the United States may not be so “divided”. In other words, we’ll be unified and there will be peace on the streets ONLY if Democrats are allowed to win the next presidential election and have unfettered control over policy, thus our lives.

With all the allusions to a coming “civil war”, it may ultimately come down to this…

“Peace only results after victory.”
The Limbaugh Doctrine

Thinly-veiled blackmail can also be considered protected political speech and until the sore losers get their way, expect an uptick in incendiary commentary and subtle marching orders. If there was ever an argument for declaring anyone a domestic terror threat, the left has long since made their case.

For all appearances at this moment, it looks like they won’t get their way in 2020 and their lashing out and punishing those who won’t give them their way has really yet to begin.

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