#ShutdownHypocrisy: NO Freebies for Americans After Obamacare Killed Jobs

Thanks to the government shutdown, we’re seeing story after #ShutdownStories about poor federal government employees who are going to have trouble paying their mortgages, put food on their tables, meet their car payments, etc. The sympathy has extended to businesses offering free goods and services to ease the pain these public servants are now enduring because President Trump wants a wall to protect Americans from illegal aliens and Democrats do not.

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VENT: When the Left Issues Demands, the Right Should Respond ‘FAHQ’

You know, there comes a time when you just throw up your hands and say “Enough is enough” and if you don’t like it, too fuckng bad.

Democrats, the left in academia and entertainment, the workplace and almost every other area in which we all must share equal space has dictated how we must think, how we should speak and everything has to be on their terms or face their wrath. They’ll troll your social media accounts, accost you in the street or outside your home and we’re just supposed to take it because THEY say so?

Fuck that.

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Once Donald Trump Leaves Office, Americans Will Be Screwed Over Again

If you listen to the Democrats, their activists and media, you’ll hear how bad things are under President Trump and how happy they are about it.

Despite the sloths who’ve inhabited all government offices and agencies and allowed our economy to languish for decades, a businessman took the reins and did what most of the overpaid slugs insist, to this day, could never be done.

But what happens, whether it be their desired 2020 or 2024, when Donald Trump’s presidential term ends and we go back to business-as-usual?

After President Trump leaves office, will our economy be...?

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(This is an informal poll. No personal information is requested or extracted. It’s a shame we have to say this.)

For those of you who still have your 401(k), look at the numbers prior to November 8, 2016 and look at it now.

Think about those who were in control and set up a system where no matter what their decisions are for the rest of the nation, they would land on a nice soft pillow.

Remember those who exempted themselves from an overpriced Obamacare YOU were forced to acquire, even if you couldn’t afford the deductible to access services. Remember an indifferent Federal Reserve that arbitrarily raises interest rates and screws up everything from car to mortgage payments, not to mention your cost of living. Remember the unelected in agencies that ran amok and how their edicts affected, or negatively affected, how you live your lives. Remember all the nations that took advantage of trade policies that sent millions of jobs out of the country because they were negotiated by ignorant bureaucrats who never built a business with their own skin in the game. Remember hostile actors that would capture our soldiers and make then appear pitiful on video because our former POTUS wasn’t respected or feared.

Remember a stock market that we were all told would crash if Donald Trump was elected, that has broken records ever since, and the dip it took when Democrats retook the House and there’s that feeling they’ll do everything politically possible to tank the economy before 2020.

And let’s state the obvious, there’s no Republican on the horizon with the experience and cajones to ever replicate all that is Donald Trump.

Aside from immigration policy that will essentially be the reopening of the unlocked door to the United States and benefits, a military and veterans who will again be relegated to insignificant status, and jobs in poor neighborhoods that may go away, ask those who hate this president what part of the pre-Trump era should we openly embrace and look forward to… again?

#CaravanMigrants Could Care Less Americans Don’t Want Them Here

Try just walking into someone’s home without an invitation; someone you don’t know and without their expressed permission. If they are home, you will probably be met with a varying degree of resistance. Heaven forbid if you were to just up and enter Jake Tapper’s home or Don Lemon’s home or Stephen Colbert’s home or any of the slobbering cable news and/or liberal pundits who are lamenting the poor participants in that caravan making their way to the United States-Mexico border.

Those “caravan migrants” are coming, they don’t give a damn about our laws, nor what the President of the United States says or what Americans think. Many liberals and illegals in this country believe they have full Constitutional rights once they unlawfully cross the border.

Not exactly.

While non-citizens enjoy most of the Constitutional rights of citizens, for those facing deportation, the law is different. “[the undocumented] are subject to immigration law, under which the executive branch has broad authority to determine whether it wants them in the country or not,” Forbes wrote. “And until they’ve passed through immigration control, they aren’t technically on U.S. soil.”

Also, besides emergency care and k-12 education, undocumented immigrants do not have a right to most public subsidies, including Medicare, Medicaid, public housing and Social Security. Obamacare specifically prohibits providing federally-subsidized coverage to immigrants who are here illegally.
What Rights Do Undocumented Immigrants Have?

They’re coming in because THEY want to, despite what they can or can’t offer our society and economy. It’s all about what illegals want and we must give them.

Of course, many of the more prominent liberals who advocate for illegals don’t live where illegal aliens settle, would not want them to settle in their neighborhoods, and they’ll gladly pay them under-the-table slave wages to perform menial tasks in and around their homes.

Compassionate, right?

Lemon Omits for 30+ Years, Democrats Racialized Elections with Fear

Disingenuous liberal Democrats and their media are lashing out at President Trump and his supporters, calling them “white nationalist” racists for defending our sovereign borders. They use the power of overpaid news commentators, partisan academia and the politically-irrelevant in the entertainment industry to invoke get-out-the-vote fear while whitewashing their own use of fear and race when it was an imperative to get Democrats elected.

The problem for a Don Lemon without integrity is that Democrats have used race as an election weapon for decades and their messages were clearly meant to invoke fear while their politicians took the same stance on illegal immigrants as Donald Trump. But as long as he doesn’t mention the Democrats’ previous message and inconvenient tactics, it’s like it never happened and that’s just how dishonest, nonobjective pundits like Lemon want it.

CNN’s Don Lemon is the latest, liberal Democrat Stepin Fetchit to push the race narrative and has gone as far as declaring the “biggest threat ” is the “white guy”.

All white people are racist… except the ones you know.
Bob Parks mocking liberals, 2002

Okay, maybe not all white guys.

Had he worked for a traditional news entity with integrity, Lemon would not have been allowed to call the President of the United States and his supporters racist because Democrats have been far more blatant in their use of race for political gain. Lemon, like MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, knows he won’t be fired because he can play the gay-black discrimination card but since CNN is all-in against anything Donald Trump, anything goes.

Bonehead of the Day: WMAL’s Chris Plante on ‘PILF’

Back in high school English classes, teachers would tell us “write about that which you know”. That, of course, also went for speaking.

WMAL’s Chris Plante must have been handed a story he didn’t fully read, maybe his coffee really kicked in, but he really got it wrong this time. He read from a story in the Washington Times….

The Texas Democratic Party asked non-citizens to register to vote, sending out applications to immigrants with the box citizenship already checked “Yes,” according to new complaints filed Thursday asking prosecutors to see what laws may have been broken. The Public Interest Legal Foundation alerted district attorneys and the federal Justice Department to the pre-checked applications, and also included a signed affidavit from a man who said some of his relatives, who aren’t citizens, received the mailing.
Washington Times, 10/18/18

We’ve actually had dealings with the Public Interest Legal Foundation and they are on the voting-integrity front lines, issuing formal complaints and/or suing those who play fast and loose with our voting laws. PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams worked on Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, and PILF Director Hans von Spakovsky is a Heritage Foundation “voter fraud and voter ID, enforcement of federal voting rights laws, administration of elections and voting equipment standards” wonk. The Public Interest Legal Foundation could not have been mistaken for a left-wing anything… that is until Friday, October 19th.

Bob tried to talk to Chris on air and alert him that the Public Interest Legal Foundation are the good guys. After giving the call screener a brief on how Plante really screwed the pooch on this, for some strange reason, Bob remained on hold for over an hour until the show signed off.

Way too many lessons on this one.

Maybe the most important: read well when you are going to comment on the public airwaves because you’re in really tricky territory when you mislabel a group’s ideology, activities and declare that the group is breaking the law.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation: PILF, it’s called PILF which is like pilfer, which is to steal; so PILF is in the business of stealing votes.
Chris Plante

You can kinda’ hear where Chris may have realized he went too far, was very wrong about the group he was mocking, but in listening to most of his following Monday broadcast, no correction or apology was issued to PILF.

Sad, because Chris Plante would be the first to call out a media organization for getting a story very wrong and not having the decency and integrity to issue a correction, if at all.

10/23/18 UPDATE

Chris Plante issued an on-air correction and apology to PILF. While graciously acknowledging his “bonehead” status, we’re hoping it wasn’t just because we tagged J. Christian Adams and Han von Spakovsky (frequent guests on WMAL) and not citing this post in an effort to make it all go away.

Just like liberals do.

The Democrat ‘Blue Wave’ is Beginning to Look Like a Tsunami of Panic

Democrats are quite predictable, especially during election years. They scare their voters with premonitions of social security cuts if Republicans are elected: cuts that NEVER happen. They scare voters with premonitions of all kinds of doom and gloom if Republicans are elected. The media has pundit after pundit on their news programs giving Democrats free advice on what they have to do to win back the House and Senate in the upcoming midterms. They try and keep things real simple for their voters: easy to remember and recite terms and slogans.

This year, it’s the “blue wave”.

The problem is, as in the last election when the media constantly pointed to all of the polls, that predicted an easy Hillary Clinton victory, had to come back down to Earth just before the election because (heaven forbid) credibility would be at stake. After months of warning Republicans to capitulate to Democrat demands, an “or else” has been repeatedly blown off and the optimism is being slowly being replaced by the cold of reality.

New York Times: What Could Ruin a Big Blue Wave?
MSNBC: Is the blue wave fading?
Think Progress: Why the ‘blue wave’ might not save Democrats in the Senate
USA Today: Blue wave? New poll Suggests Democrats won’t sweep midterms
Vanity Fair: Will Kavanaugh Fever Kill the Blue Wave?
CBS News: “Blue wave” is far from certain
The Hill: Democrats just killed the blue wave
CNBC: Don’t expect a big Democratic wave this fall, a new CNBC poll says
Politico: The Thin Blue Wave
Washington Post: ‘Blue wave’ or ‘left-wing mob’? Anti-Trump fervor fuels a new movement aimed squarely at winning elections

Perhaps spelling-challenged millennial journalism could also be adding to the confusion.

While Abrams appeared to say “composed” in the video, there is a big difference between that and “compromised”, which could mean a lot to those who only read headlines.

But if this so-called, overhyped “blue wave” is an inevitability, those who have money wouldn’t have to be throwing money at it….

Fox News: Liberal billionaires pour hundreds of millions into midterms hoping for Blue Wave

“Hoping” is NOT a sign of optimism.

Let’s be clear: pollsters are hired to verify information to campaign staff and provide desired headlines to media outlets. They are as capable of predicting the future as Miss Cleo was.

Those who predicted this “blue wave” for Democrats did so to encourage special-interest donations to keep nonprofit and campaign personnel well fed. The media used this “blue wave” as wishful thinking to keep the Democrat base engaged and inspired, coupled with the hopeful results of a Mueller probe that has virtually nothing to show for the near year and a half and millions of dollars spent to prove Russian collusion in the 2016 election that didn’t happen.

The George Soros-financed mob in the streets have done nothing but cause many free-thinking Democrats to distance themselves from politicians and activists that call for getting in faces, stalking administration officials in restaurants, office buildings and even at their homes. President Trump’s unconventional agenda has resulted in the opposite of what Democrats and their punditry predicted: a stock market crash, a spike in unemployment, chaos in foreign policy, etc. There is very little incentive for the American people (outside of Trump derangement) to radically change direction and hand control of government to a party that would gleefully make all of the positives go away.

This is NOT to say that Democrats aren’t capable of retaking power. Shit happens, but their actions are implying something else, whether it be the desperation in their campaign and nonprofit emails or the softening of their initial declarations of this sure-thing in November.

The “blue wave” was Democrat channeling that made for great talking points for paid cable news contributors but those who’ve been making lofty predictions are now singing a new tune because they don’t want to look the fool (again) should that “wave” not produce anything but more wailing for liberals who saw what they believed until they had to believe what they see.

And should Republicans retain both houses, it will be because of motivated Americans in spite of the national GOP.

The Black & Blonde Media Skim

UN warns it is ‘running out of cash’ in urgent appeal to members
They can leave anytime
Kimberly Guilfoyle Left Fox News After Investigation Into Misconduct Allegations, Sources Say
The toxic egos of those at Fox News and others who’ll do ANYTHING to get a piece of that self-serving spotlight
Please Cool the Hitler Rhetoric Before Someone Else Gets Hurt
Let’s first and intellectually and honestly dispense with the “both sides do it” moral-equivalency bullshit
Blue states drowning in irretrievable debt thanks to ‘grotesque’ public sector pensions. You’re about to get stuck with bill.
No sympathy here. You get what you vote for
Media Blackout on Conservative Voices now in Effect for Midterms
Liberals can’t debate so they silence. This is not news
Democratic moderates fear the “socialist left” will wreck the party: They want to keep that gig
The “moderates” created their little monsters
Trump threatens U.S. government shutdown over immigration
Flashback: Shutdown Poll: Do We Really Need ‘Non Essential Government Employees’?
Mr. President, just do it.
Eric Holder says he’s interested in being president. And he thinks he has what it takes
He’s another light-skinned (non-threatening) which the left generally prefers
Biden’s niece shows remorse after avoiding jail in credit card scam
One hundred thousand dollars off a stolen credit card. No, very few of us could walk away after this
Trump trolls Michael Cohen on Twitter, reminding him he once defended Don Jr. and slams the ‘fake news media’ for its coverage of the saga
Why did Cohen tape Trump? He was going to write a book down the road and needed quotes documented
Idaho inmates hacked prison-issued tablets for $225,000 in credits
When you have nothing but time on your hands and taxpayer-funded WiFi
Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis hospitalized
Is this legit or is something coming…?
Sharpton: We’re “in the Hospital” on the Left, if not the “Cemetery”
“Blue wave” or just some spit in the wind
Trump claims his approval numbers top Reagan and ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln – even though presidential polling wasn’t invented until FDR’s time
Don’t you wish Obama was fact-checked with the same zeal, even when speaking figuratively? Would have saved us all a lot of money
City report on Confederate monuments raises idea of renaming Austin
Just wait until we decide to start renaming… and why
Global auto powers plotting response to Trump auto tariff threats
Finding a comfortable place to lay down
Inside my nightmare working in de Blasio’s government
Why are we always supposed to feel sympathy for the willing dupes?
FBI’s history with Southern Poverty Law Center uncovered
Speaking of “willing duped”, it’s not conservatives who gave the SPLC credibility
Media Gaslighting Can’t Hide Fact Trump Campaign Was Spied On
By Obama for Hillary

Here’s What Happened When A Trump Supporter Became A ‘Commie Camp’ Counselor
I saw a lot of this in Massachusetts. Cowardly liberals love to get their hands on innocent children
Celebs Turn Murder Into Call For Social Justice
Parkland Kids Partner With Multiple Organizations For The ‘National March On The NRA’ Event
Exploitation for self-gratification is what they all do best
Jordan: If Rosenstein doesn’t deliver, Meadows and I will force impeachment vote
Why do these threats always seem to lack meat on the bones?
More legal problems for Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels Will Make More Than $650,000 For One-Week Appearance On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’
That’s why it’s still one of the oldest professions
Facebook Troubles Grow – Facing Lawsuit Liabilities of … Billions?
Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved
Facebook is just a website. Why it was ever so overvalued and Zuckerberg achieved deity status remains a mystery

Nancy Pelosi ROASTED For Appearing as Guest Host on Jeopardy!
“Crumbs” Pelosi Desperately Tries to Distract From Epic 4.1% GDP Growth – Posts Completely Debunked Chart on US Wages
Too bad she wasn’t a contestant. That would have been entertaining
Erdogan responds to Trump: We will stand our ground
U.S. Christian pastor leaves Turkish prison after court ruling
In paragraph seven, it says this was a response to a threat of “a harsh new policy on Turkey” by President Trump to be delivered by Vice President Pence
Melania Trump age: How old is Melania Trump – fans shocked at age compared to Donald
Oh, puh-leez. Shall we start looking at Hollywood and the news media…?
Egypt sentences 75 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death
Payback’s a bitch
Asylum Rules Would Allow Migrating Foreign Population to Fill Half of Midwest
We all know whose neighborhoods they won’t be allowed to “migrate” to
George Soros Spent $10.37 Million Lobbying During Second Quarter
President Trump is winning, thus who is losing…?
Trump Anxiety Disorder: Therapists claim patients are experiencing President-related anxiety due to Potus’ policies and Twitter feuds
We had to deal with eight years of gloating, having Obama policies shoved down our throats. Fuck ’em
Biden, Sanders top poll of possible Democratic presidential hopefuls
Socialist Bernie and gaffin’ Joe. Will be a lot of fun

Gay mafia succeeds in driving children’s playhouse out of Pittsburgh, it is moving to Idaho.
Tolerance by the tolerant
Statehood Would Be an Economic Boon for Puerto Rico
Flashback: Puerto Rico’s ‘shortsighted’ fiscal plan totally ‘misses the mark’
Flashback: Puerto Rico mayor, two others arrested on corruption charges
And the American taxpayer would be on the hook for this liberal economic basket case (again)
New billboard in GJ shows ‘GOP’ letters mixed with Soviet Union symbols
The stoopids are loose again in Grand Junction
L.A. school board’s Ref Rodriguez pleads guilty to conspiracy and resigns
No jail time. We ARE talking the Los Angeles Unified School District
Massachusetts Governor Celebrates Sanctuary State Defeat; Immigration Advocate Warns ‘Election Is Coming’
I met Baker at a Lincoln Breakfast during the mid 2000’s. I thought him a flake then and he’s even worse now
Over 1,200 migrants rescued off Spanish coast in 2 days
Who told them they were wanted or does that even matter?
Trump supporters, opponents clash at Spicer book signing
A black man from Cambridge, Massachusetts claims Sean once called him a “nigger”. I hesitate nowadays to say I grew up in Cambridge

Democrats Hiding Behind Women to Officially Incite Insurrection

When listening to Democrats essentially call for denying people’s freedom of movement, disruption of neighborhoods, and even mentioning the possibility of “death”, some are very careful not to say this publicly. You know, smarter white Democrats.

But if you need useful idiots who have no problem talking shit, believing they are totally immune from legal ramifications, one need not look any further than attention-seeking women.

18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection
Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

These Democrats are perilously close to stepping over the line when they call for intentional (and unlawful) discrimination, especially against Executive Branch officials, not to mention publically fantasizing about “blowing up the White House”. A United States congressman and others have already been shot by a deranged Bernie Sanders Democrat and these Democrat women are lighting matches near highly combustibles.

And denying someone the right to dine at a restaurant based on political preference or a disliked employer is illegal.

Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, segregation on the grounds of race, religion or national origin was banned at all places of public accommodation, including courthouses, parks, restaurants, theaters, sports arenas and hotels. No longer could blacks and other minorities be denied service simply based on the color of their skin.
History Channel

Republicans for just being Republicans? Discriminating against them is now encouraged by Democrats, #NeverTrump RINOs, and some in the media.

Democrats have no economic, foreign policy or any kind of positive, universally-inspirational message going into the 2018 midterm elections, so all they have is desperation lash out as their only means to retake a branch of government and attempt to remove a productive president who’s soundly defeated them.

After Whining About Using Children as Pawns, Liberals Use Them as Props

In their ever-popular tactic as using “the children” for political gain, we’ve seen them now use the “immigrant children” from Obama-era “cage” photos, unverified audio of “crying” children distributed to the media by a Soros-funded nonprofit, and a White House Press Corps reporter badgering an Administration official about children being used as political “pawns”.

So of course, it didn’t take long for sanctimonious liberals to show us all (again) how it’s done.