2004: Donald Trump on Professional Women and (Mis)Use of Sexuality

Despite numerous, uncomfortable examples going back centuries, women continue to use their looks and reproductive organs for personal and professional advantage. Whether we’re talking getting a part in a movie, promotion within a news organization, moving up the political chain, or off an unpleasant military duty assignment, women know how and when to cross the line.

Conversely, men are willing to exploit and/or play along. A whole news network was formatted with the marketing of leg shots for ratings.

During a Season 1 episode of NBC’s “The Apprentice”, Donald Trump took an opportunity to address this when it appeared to be happening within one of the teams.

Although it’s tough for some to be intellectually honest in admitting many people will use whatever physical attributes they have for an advantage and complain (or #MeToo sue) when the expected results don’t pan out, Donald Trump broached this issue early during his fourteen season run on NBC.

Maybe his honest and level-headed approach is one reason the network chose to pull the successful programs from online viewing after he announced his bid for the presidency in 2015. The American people would have seen someone who is not afraid to say what many have always been thinking.

Sound familiar?

BTW — You can watch “The Apprentice” episodes on Tubi TV.

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