#ShutdownHypocrisy: NO Freebies for Americans After Obamacare Killed Jobs

Thanks to the government shutdown, we’re seeing story after #ShutdownStories about poor federal government employees who are going to have trouble paying their mortgages, put food on their tables, meet their car payments, etc. The sympathy has extended to businesses offering free goods and services to ease the pain these public servants are now enduring because President Trump wants a wall to protect Americans from illegal aliens and Democrats do not.

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Rep. Maxine Waters: Thrown Under the Bus By Worried Democrats

She thought it would fortify her leadership status. She thought it would make her THE face and voice of #TheResistance. She thought she would be in front of the push to impeach President Trump. She thought it would make her a universal liberal media darling from now until the November midterms.

California Representative Maxine Waters was very wrong.

According to the left’s media punditry and elected officials, Waters now has that stink on her.

In the crucial months ahead, we must strive to make America beautiful again. Trump’s daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. As we go forward, we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea.
@NancyPelosi Tweet, 6/25/18

Because liberal Democrats very seldom apologize or admit the errors of their ways, they appear to be very worried that the words of Maxine Waters may mobilize President Trump’s base; a base very important in keeping the House in Republican control. The left is very hopeful of  that “blue wave” and Waters may have reduced it to a ripple while motivating Republicans they hoped were lethargic.

Auntie Maxine is doubling down on her rhetoric, Democrats are selectively citing Michelle “when they go low, we go high” Obama to try and keep their violent loonies in check, the left is banning more on the right from their restaurants, and the party will hope this all goes away as soon as possible.

That is until Maxine opens her mouth again which is a certainty.

The Trump Budget and the Politics: ‘Cuts’ For Dummies

What’s sad is that the Democrat hysterics happen every two years, the media repeats it, people freak, and the unimaginable never happens.


President Trump has unveiled his proposed budget and the Democrats are repeating the c-word….

CNN: Trump’s budget cuts children’s health insurance program
NPR: White House Proposes Deep Cuts To Safety Nets With ‘Taxpayer First’ Budget Plan
New York Times: Trump Budget Proposes Deep Cuts in Energy Innovation Programs
USA Today: Donald Trump’s budget cuts back key student loan programs
NY Daily News: Trump budget proposal’s $11B education cut leaves advocates outraged

And let’s never forget the inevitable use of the d-word.

Fox News: NYC’s De Blasio: ‘Children Will Die’ Because of Trump’s Budget

Yes, we’ve heard it all before.

Speaking of political repetition, it’s sad I’m still having to explain what I said over 12 years ago. So seeing how the left and their media still assume the American people are a bunch of stoopids who’ll buy their bullshit, as a public service, we proudly present…

As you consume the Democrat messaging (echoed by the media) on how devastating President Trump’s budget “cuts” will be, especially to the poor, women, minorities, the elderly, let’s remind you what a political budget “cut” normally is.

Let’s say I told you I was going to give you $10.

After looking at my personal budget, I determined I couldn’t afford to give you $10 so instead I would give you $7.

(Remember, I’m STILL GIVING YOU $7!)

Democrats would say I was cutting what I was supposed to give you by 30%.

Sorry, it’s that simple.

Donald Trump, as a former president of a billion dollar enterprise knows most successful businesses don’t keep departments that function poorly. Most successful businesses don’t keep departments that can’t account for money misused and/or missing from their budgets. Most successful businesses don’t keep people in their departments who routinely under-perform. Donald Trump would fire people whose departments performed poorly simply because that’s a tremendous waste of his money and if money was stolen, the cops would be called.

However President Donald Trump is no longer looking out for his money. He’s looking out for ours.

Many of the departments whose budgets are being cut (if you’ll be intellectually honest) haven’t been respectful stewards of the hard-earned taxpayer dollar. We’ve seen and heard of many instances of waste, if not outright theft, by government employees, callous damage caused by government agencies, and rarely are there any ramifications as there would be if we did the same thing at a private company.

Let’s look at some of these affected government agencies like one of those supposedly, altruistic nonprofits.

Many of them have intentionally vague missions. Some want to help veterans, feed children, help the poor, save the environment, fund the arts, clean the oceans, etc. Unfortunately, like nonprofits, if the mission were to ever be achieved, employees would be out of a job, thus the vague mission statements.

School Lunch Program “cuts”
As argued in a previous post, exactly why are taxpayers feeding school children three meals a day, and in some cases 260 weekdays a year? Where are the parents? Why did our parents deem it their responsibility to make sure we had a lunchbox complete with sandwich, chips, and a Thermos full of either soup or SpaghettiOs® with Meatballs while many parents today deem it our responsibility to feed their many children so more valuable resources go to their cellphone plans and whatever else considered more important?

We won’t even get into Michelle Obama’s school lunch reboot that resulted in a need to increase the trash budgets.

As witnessed by the miraculous restoration of a beach in one week’s time, the whole notion that the planet cannot “heal” itself without governmental environment agencies or nonprofit activists has been near rendered laughable.

Environmental Agency “cuts”
Back in 2007, I shared a piece from the National Geographic that showed evidence that the polar ice caps on Mars were melting. Seeing how Mars is further away from the Sun than the planet Earth and there are no SUV’s or factories there, only the warming of the Sun could explain warming that occurs because of our proximity to that bright, gaseous ball. The sheer fact NOT ONE environmental group EVER attributed global warming and cooling fluctuation to the variation in Sun activity but knee-jerk blamed human activity as the primary source should give pause for a red scam flag.

The Environmental Protection Agency has committed gross indifferent negligence and/or malfeasance over the years while there’s been very little benefit to be shown as a return on investment. The Gold King Mine spill, committed by the reckless EPA polluted a river through four states and negatively affected the livelihood of millions of people, yet no one was really held accountable. Let’s not even talk about who was really negligent and thus ultimately responsible for the lead in the Flint, Michigan drinking water.

But government employees in some of these agencies had enough time to organize a march of defiance, much of it done on the taxpayer dime.

Veterans are still not receiving the benefits they rightfully deserve, the poor have not been given the guidance and tutelage necessary to rise out of poverty (aside from how to apply for “benefits”), “art” has become a scam to subsidize no-talent rich kids with taxpayer dollars so their shit (no one wants to buy) can be intellectualized by humanities academics for validation.

The majority of government agencies being “cut” have shown no great ROI for the taxpayer who’s required to fund them at the threat of fine and/or imprisonment. While most government employees really want to serve the public, too many just look at it as a job; a job that’s very hard to be fired from and if they can keep that job for 20 years, the taxpayer can support them for the rest of their lives.

Education “cuts”
Instead of improving our abysmal ranking in the world, our public schools seem more able to efficiently turn our “young skulls full of mush” into social justice warrior Democrats than to be fully functioning members of society, and the schools start early.

Infrastructure “cuts”
Show me a government road or building construction project that was ever completed on time and under budget?

Nuf’ said.

Predictably, all we hear is that the “cuts” ultimately hurt the poor and benefit the “rich”.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday spared almost no analogy in calling President Trump’s budget proposal “comic-book villain bad” that “relies on fantasy to make the numbers work.”

“The Trump budget takes a sledgehammer to the middle class and the working poor, lavishes tax breaks on the wealthy and imagines all of the deficit problems away with fantasy math,” Schumer said, speaking on the Senate floor. “The Trump budget exists somewhere over the rainbow where the dreams of Mick Mulvaney, Paul Ryan and the Koch brothers really do come true. Of course, these dreams are a nightmare for the average working American.”
Washington Examiner, 5/23/17

Forgot all about the Koch Brothers….

Disregard how Schumer had no numbers of his own to offer, but not to be outdone for relevance…

Hillary Clinton proclaimed Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s budget shows an “unimaginable level of cruelty” for millions of Americans and children.

The former Democratic presidential nominee, who recently declared herself part of the Trump resistance, lashed out at the Republican president’s spending plan in aggressive terms after being honored in New York City by the Children’s Health Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps provide health care to poor and homeless children.
NBC News, 5/24/17

If there’s any cruelty it’s the sheer disrespect the entitled and/or elected have for the hard-earned taxpayer dollar they spend like trust fund babies with Daddy’s credit card.

The poor are still poor because the government entrenched want them to stay poor. If they poor ever were allowed to gain back control of their lives, not only would agency employees be at risk of job loss, but many of those now earning meaningful paychecks would see how much was taken out in taxes and who would that eventually make them want to vote for?

So, when you absorb the Democrat and media “cuts” whine, remember this is not about who they say will be hurt.

This is about President Trump showing respect for our tax dollars; something those in government haven’t done in decades.

#MuslimBan: Democrat ‘Leadership’ Protest Clusterf**k

The media, in tandem, recited the narrative that the so-called Trump Administration #MuslimBan resulted in “chaos” in it’s implementation. In response, the Democrat “leadership” held a candlelight vigil in support of refugees around the world who believe entry into the United States is a right, not a privilege.

One problem, the vigil fell apart from the start thus the optics were one of sheer incompetence.

As a public service to the Democrats, here is the second verse of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” many appeared to not know….

As I went walking that ribbon of highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
Saw below me the golden valley
This land was made for you and me

The left has hammered President Trump on his bull-in-the-china-shop upheaval and destruction of everything Democrats have imposed on the American people for the last ten years-plus.

Surely, turning on a simple sound system and keeping track of scheduled speakers would be something Democrats could pull off without a hitch. Then again, maybe this was a clear metaphor of their political grandstanding mixed with the incompetence of their policies.

Why Was ‘Religious Freedom’ A Good Thing 22 Years Ago?

Was it because it was passed by a Democrat House and Senate, and signed by a Democrat President of the United States…?

Indiana’s law is a state version of the federal law passed by Congress in 1993. The 1993 law, signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton, prohibits the federal government from substantially burdening a person’s free exercise of their religion – unless the government can show it has a “compelling interest” and that it can do so in a way that is as non-restrictive as possible.
Washington Examiner, 3/30/15

We’re waiting for the gay mafia to attack Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Chuck Schumer, Tom Harkin, and the rest of those homophobic, Democrat senators and congressmen for passing such bigoted legislation that remains the template for intolerant state laws, like the one passed in Indiana.

Gruber’s Arrogance Of Unelected Power

The “Affordable Care Act”, commonly referred to as “ObamaCare” was a piece of legislation that affected the whole United States of America.

Imagine the ego it took to write “Obamacare Critics Still Tell Just One Side of the Jobs Story” while plotting to deceive and destroy the health care coverage of millions of individuals and families.

In listening to “Health Economist” Jonathan Gruber’s presentation of the “agenda” at the University of Pennsylvania, the arrogance is quite disturbing and the question that most comes to mind is… “Who elected YOU? Who the hell do you think YOU are?”

“What’s been great about this process is that it’s been a fairly intellectually honest process,” said Gruber.

Turns out it was a good day to check in with Gruber. Of course, lined up on the other side, we have the entreaties of millions of misinformed, Bible-banging suckers, so there’s that.
A Brief Interlude With Expert Opinion, Esquire Magazine, 9/26/13

This progressive educator (and his family) is probably having a very bad last few days and deservedly so. The truth always comes out.

B&R Flashback: ObamaCare: DEFUND, Not Repeal

This must be done. What’s sad is that Gruber has more balls than some of the Republicans now in charge.

The Cochran Race-Baiting Tactic Was So Progressive

Do you honestly believe the establishment helped out a Republican or made it easier for a Democrat to win this November, and how convenient for black liberals to be willingly used once again….

While being used by the GOP establishment or the left, the truth behind the tactic came out once the voting process got messy and exposed.

Slate: Mississippi’s Black Voters Should Vote for Thad Cochran

Liberals, by nature, love telling blacks what to do. The problem is they blindly obey (and rarely ask “Why?”).

The Daily Beast: Racists and Conspiracy Nuts Turn Cochran Call Into The Biggest Campaign Shitshow of 2014
Roll Call: Thad Cochran Conference Call Descends Into Chaos
Politico: Congressional Black Caucus to Thad Cochran: You owe us

This is another reason why I’ve been critical of the so-called attempt at national “outreach” by the GOP. It’s presently being run by a couple of young guys who know little about what’s not worked in the past and figure a few Tweets will constitute a genuine effort. Republican National Committee Reince Priebus’ distance from the Cochran-McDaniel controversy is telling and it’s because he probably doesn’t know what to do (as his “outreach” lieutenants are worthless).

Schumer’s comments at CAP last January once again show the progressive condescension for the public at large and their willingness to use anyone to help them achieve their ends. It may come as surprise to the Republican establishment, but any advice the left throws our way is not to help us succeed. It’s increasing sad to see many on our side react to the left as if their suggestions are benevolent-based.

Whether we’re talking about the GOP or the unelected, self-appointed leaders of the Tea Party, we are being “led” by spineless, money-grubbing morons and I, for one, am sick of them as their decisions are putting what should be a sure midterm ass-whuppin’ now in question.

If the Republican Party also sees blacks as a means to keep entrenched incumbents in office (by in some cases, encouraging the willing to commit illegal acts), deserving or not, then they are no better than Democrats and that’s something that will be used against them in November at our expense.

Hypocrite Of The Day


Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said the strategy of going after the GOP megadonors “will work.”

“The fact that 48 percent of Americans know who the Koch Brothers are in April… that’ll mean about 90 percent of them will know it in October and that’s going to be something,” Schumer said, referring to a George Washington University Battleground poll released last month.

Sorry, but if I were the Koch Brothers, I’d ask for my money back….

Not good.

What The Hill Really Thinks Of Veterans

Schumer: Veterans — Not Congress — Must Face Budget Cuts
Senate Passes Bipartisan Budget Deal – Here Are the 36 Republicans Who Voted Against It
Read Bill Clinton’s 1969 letter to Colonel Eugene Holmes, thanking him for “saving me from the draft” and understanding those “fine people” who “find themselves still loving their country but loathing the military”. Maybe then you can understand why Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats had no problem targeting those who did what many on the Hill lack the guts to do.

Immigration ‘Reform’ Blackmail

Schumer predicts mass demonstrations if House blocks path to citizenship
America is the only country where you can break federal laws, protest the government for enforcing them, and get politicians to consider rewarding you to avert potential (additional) lawlessness