Using Simple Math, None of the Biden Vote Count Makes Sense

If you consume any American media, the explanation of the Biden surge of votes putting him within a few Electoral College point of the presidency is all a push in invoke visceral partisan emotions. However, an outside observation using basic math skills delivers a whole other reality of what’s going on behind the closed doors of the ballot counters.

A totally different numerical perspective we’re not hearing from almost any in the American media; a perspective that would definately have Biden supporters on the justifiable defensive. And the only reason why it’s taking so long to count votes is clear….

Dancing with the Stars can count 130 million votes in five minutes, and so can some of these other little entertainment TV shows, and we can too. This country can figure out who won an election on the day of the election. We’re just not doing it. We’re not doing it because there’s a political party that knew they were gonna lose on Election Day, and so they’re trying to reverse that. I’ll tell you, folks, these voting scandals are exploding. I know you can go to any one of these states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan — and say it’s worse there than anywhere. It’s bad in Wisconsin; it’s bad in (sigh) a lot of these places. They’re stealing it.

We’re watching an election be stolen.
Rush Limbaugh, 11/5/20

Election 2020 is the pièce de résistance to five years of slanders, smears, political and illegal obstruction, treasonous behavior and more to the Trump presidency. Four more years for Donald Trump could result in the near-total upheaval of the Deep State and all those who provided them logistical cover. Corrupt Democrats could be frogmarched in a way that would make Roger Stone and Michael Flynn smile. Hundreds of thousands of partisan deadbeat federal employees and contractors could be purged from the taxpayer gravy train. The media liars could face four more years of unwelcome pushback. The courts could continue to be reverted to Constitutionalists, not activists.

Our media will repeat how much Joe Biden is loved and supported by the majority of Americans. Any foreign leader who will mean with him knows he’s a joke who’s only there because of Third World flavored fraud covered up by a complicit media.

The coup finality is easily explained with basic math which is why our media isn’t touching it.

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  1. ITNerd

    Riddle me this: If Trump was able to draw tens of thousands of supporters to a rally, and Biden could only muster a few cars, how does Biden manage to accumulate over 73 million votes? Are we supposed to believe that Joe is the most popular D candidate for POTUS in US History?


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