Lying Michigan House Democrats Demand Citizens Testify Under Oath

In yet another example of projection, elected Michigan House Democrats demanded private citizens who were invited to share their experiences on Election Day 2020 to an oversight hearing, do so under oath despite the fact that they were in-person repeating what they have written on sword affidavits.

During Wednesday night’s hearing, House Oversight Chairman Matt Hall, R-Marshall, allowed Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney of President Donald Trump, to question witnesses. The purpose of the meeting was to hear from people who witnessed things at TCF Center, where Detroit’s absentee ballots were counted, Hall said. But Rep. Cynthia Johnson, D-Detroit, said they should have been sworn in before giving their accounts. She said “the world” was watching.

“You’re allowing people to come in here and lie. And I know they’re lying,” Johnson told Hall.
The Detroit News, 12/2/20

The irony was Democrats who were accusing those citizens of lying during an oversight hearing were also, intentionally or not, misrepresenting information as well.

Politicians have contorted their protection not to be sued for slandering anyone, while on the clock, into believing they also have the right to not only talk down to citizens but outright accuse them of intentionally lying.

Now, we’ll give some of the representatives the benefit of the doubt because they were sharing information widely repeated in the media. If people are getting the facts wrong, we all know who to thank.

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