FAKE! Democrat ‘Big Guns’ Campaign for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia

These are supposed to be the best anyone could want campaigning for a candidate with less than a week before an election. A nationally-known activist, a former president, current president and vice president… it should all fall into place nicely.

But we are talking about Democrats in 2021 who have to defend a near total collapse of what the United States was prior to Joe Biden being installed into the presidency. They came to campaign for a Syracuse-born, carpetbagging Clintonista who believes he’s entitled to a second go as governor of Virginia.

It doesn’t appear to have gone exactly as planned….

Cringe-worthy moment Terry McAuliffe breaks his own ‘cardinal rule’ and dances onstage in Virginia
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Virginians Troll Kamala Harris at Terry McAuliffe Event with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chants Outside
Virginia’s first black governor blasts Kamala Harris for ‘illegal’ political ploy in over 300 black churches
Biden heckled at Terry McAuliffe rally in Virginia: ‘It’s not a Trump rally, let him holler’

If there wasn’t a greater incentive for Democrats to “find votes” on election day, this is it because it can’t be because of the caliber of the candidate or those headlining campaign events.

They’re all fakes and everyone knows it.

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