After Criticizing Trump, Biden Now Admits COVID-19 Was an Unknown

When the COVID-19 outbreak landed on United States shores, no one knew what we were up against. The Trump Administration assembled medical experts and business leaders to devise a plan on how to contain and treat an unknown virus.

As the hourly televised death toll mounted, President Trump was under immense political and media pressure to come up with anything to keep Americans safe and the economy rolling, despite those who salivated over a climbing death rate and local shutdowns that would help a Democrat nominee finally dethrone the sitting president.

During an eagerly anticipated and disastrous press conference, President Joe Biden admitted during the onset of the pandemic,

“This was a brand new virus. A brand new phenomenon. … This is an unfolding story. It’s the nature of the way diseases spread. We’re going to learn about it in a lot of other areas than this, not just COVID-19.”

It would have been nice had candidate Biden afforded such understanding for trying to tackle the unknown when he blamed Donald Trump for hundreds of thousands of coronavirus deaths during the presidential campaign….

The standard operating procedure for the Biden administration has been and will continue to be blame someone else. The problem is numbers don’t lie.

Strange how the media is almost totally silent about the fact that more than 400,000 Americans have died of Covid-19 since Joe Biden was sworn in January 20, with more than 1,000 deaths a day adding to the toll. As you’ll recall, there was a full-blown national day of mourning on January 19, Trump’s last full day in office, which was the day deaths hit 400,000. The New York Times has the current death count at 801,037. It seems likely that at least another 100,000 will die as the winter storms in. It’s not hard to imagine that there could be twice as many Covid deaths on Biden’s watch as on Trump’s.

Thanks in pertinent part to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, Biden was able to take office with the vaccination effort already well underway, and he declared victory over the virus in an Independence Day speech. At that point, 200,000 Americans had died of Covid on his watch, and since then, another 200,000 have perished.

Remember all the pundits and Democrats proclaiming that Trump had “killed” 400,000 Americans? Will Chris Hayes and Kamala Harris blame Biden for “mass slaughter” now that he has presided over even more deaths? Or even the 200,000 since Biden’s “Mission Accomplished” speech? Failing that, will they at least acknowledge they were wrong to blame Trump for America’s suffering much the same fate as comparable nations? Will they at least say, “I’m sorry”?
National Review, 12/16/21

The American left and their media love to shout out any kind of body count under a Republican watch and almost always hide those inconvenient numbers when Democrats are in charge. For Joe Biden to admit that no one knew how to initially confront COVID-19 is an unfortunate courtesy he denied Donald Trump for purely political reasons meant to help him win an election.

Now he expects the public to cut him slack as his administration treads in unknown waters while he takes credit for a virus response delivery infrastructure and vaccine creation he ungratefully inherited from Trump. Granted, it will work on the few hundred thousand who watch CNN and MSNBC but few outside that fringe are buying it.

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