Biden and Pelosi: Shit Talkers Who Hide Behind Federal Protection

New footage from January 6 revealed Nancy Pelosi threatened to hit former president Donald Trump if he showed up with rioters storming the Capitol.
Daily Mail, 10/14/22

Whether we’re talking about loud-mouthed women or cantankerous seniors, there’s nothing more annoying than people who talk shit knowing they have armed people standing in front of them. President Joe Biden issued a mafioso warning that “no one fucks with a Biden“, and only now we’re made privy to video (held for over a year and a half by “documentary film maker Alexandra Pelosi) of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatening to “punch out” President Donald Trump on January 6th… behind his back.

Pelosi probably would throw a punch if she was assured House Sergeant-at-Arms and/or Secret Service goons were there to stand between her from any justified self-defense response.

Remember, she was brave enough to tear up President Trump’s last State of the Union speech behind his back.

Not saying these people should be subjected to violence but they shouldn’t be able to issue threats knowing they’ll never face any repercussions for.

Then again, we are talking about Democrats whose violent rhetoric is well documented and justified by the small-minded.

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