Even What Defines a ‘Mass Shooting’ is Political Agenda Misdirection

While horrific, there are far more singular gun death incidents in the United States than mass shootings which are political fodder for politicians and ratings boosters for the media. Self-serving politicians make much of mass shootings, but it also turns out the phrase is intentionally misleading.

You’d thing a mass shooting would involve a dozen or more victims. The higher the number, the greater the sensationalism for those with agendas.

Did you know to date, there have been 213 mass shootings in the United States so far in 2022? Well, if you count any shooting with a combination of death and/or injury involving four or more people, that appears to be what is counted as a mass shooting.

Thanks to round-the-clock coverage, we know 22 were killed in Uvalde and 17 wounded. But during the week leading up to the Texas school shooting, eight people were killed by gun violence and 53 were injured. There were no “breaking news” stoppages in news broadcasts, in fact fewer even saw national news attention. If one were to only include mass shootings the media deemed relevant, you’d see that 213 number drop significantly.

5/24/22 — Uvalde, Texas: 22 killed, 17 wounded
5/14/22 — Buffalo, New York: 10 killed, 3 wounded
4/3/22 — Sacramento, California: 6 killed, 12 wounded

There are many incidents where a couple dozen or so were wounded but the death count was less than three so it wasn’t deemed worthy of national media and political attention. Despite select mentions of the routine weekly gun carnage in cities like Chicago, because the individual incidents don’t meet the mass shooting numerical criteria (and because the victims are mostly black), they are not awarded the mass designation and the attention such garners.

Politicians and the media don’t care about people until the death count warrants their time, attention, and can advance an agenda’s narrative and mission.

That’s fucked up.

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