We Warned You About @realCandaceO YEARS Ago. You Blew Us Off

As was the case with Stacey Dash and Joy Villa, conservatives failed to vet those they anoint to “leader” status. Too many times, all it took was a skimpy bathing suit, gaudy dress, subjective “hotness” and a superficial social media status to gain the attention of the conservative Holy Grail: Fox News.

We warned many as to the “conservative” credibility of Candace Owens and the Charlie Kirk who imposed her on us….

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We made memes, sent out Tweets and Facebook posts, tagging President Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Larry O’Connor, Chris Plante, Dennis Prager, Fox News; everyone who gushed over and pushed Candace Owens in our faces, praising her bravery and “brilliance” (which were just repackaged social media postings of words said by others long before she was aware). But again, because she appeared on Fox News, was universally praised on talk radio, certified and promoted by CPAC, that’s all she needed to use conservatives and pursue her self-serving goals.

The validation was when she came right out and admitted, under oath, she was a Democrat after lying to conservatives that she’d changed her party registration to Republican months prior.

For some reason, this STILL got by our conservative intelligentsia.

Candace Owens is laughing at you and has been for quite awhile.

Not us, but all those we come to for information and so-called “leadership”. NO conservative websites questioned her motivations, just as they allowed Stacey Dash to embarrass us nationally and helped Joy Villa walk right into President Trump’s inner circle.

What’s sad is too many know how to infiltrate and use conservatives. The biggest problem is that those who have the luxury of disseminating information to conservatives is that they are lazy, and when reasonable doubt is presented, they blow it off. When proven wrong, they they’re too arrogant to admit it.

Fox News never apologized for imposing Stacey Dash or Joy Villa on us. Conservative “leaders” will act all shocked at Candace Owens’ back stab, but they were warned.

Now, will the “powers that be” FINALLY look into and run Charlie Kirk out of the conservative column? We did our research.

Will they…?

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  1. LF

    Hi – she can’t join Joe Biden’s campaign as VP. She’s only 31 years old. VP candidates have to be 35 and up.

    • ©Black & Blonde Media

      Fine. Where in the piece did either Candace Owens or we say anything about VP…?


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