No Apology from #NeverTrump Know-it-All Unelected ‘Leaders’

We say “sincere” because based on their sanctimonious vitriol aimed at Donald Trump and all those who supported him, we have little reason to accept yet another “Because we say so.”

Just last January, unelected conservative “leaders” decided to come out and tell US who we should not support, based on their self-serving definition of what is conservative. As Donald Trump was whittling down the field of Republican candidates, instead of trying to understand his overwhelming appeal to and his expanding the Republican base in ways unseen in the party’s history, a small group of so-called conservatives believed they were right to publicly tear down the frontrunner because he just didn’t meet their qualifications.

Seriously, who were THEY to “stop Trump” and deny him the nomination?

NONE of them have ever run for office and take all that comes with it. Instead of sticking their own necks out, it was much easier for them to stick their hands out and suck off a movement none of them created but were eager to personally profit off of.

Many worked behind-the-scenes to plot was to steal the delegates on the run-up to the RNC Convention in Cleveland. They could give a shit about the voices of millions around the country who remained loyal to Donald Trump as he earned more votes than any Republican in our party’s history.

THEY knew better and were very comfortable with nullifying our votes for the sake of party “purity”. Some even threatened to vote for the eventual Democrat nominee as we didn’t get our minds right and take our orders from them.

Some openly talked down to and/or mocked us.

While we can’t say for sure, some of these conservatives did come around after the RNC Convention and Trump’s accepting the party nomination, not because they had that “Come to Jesus moment” but because further opposition may have started to hit their all-important donor base and if it’s a case of their “principles” or money, what do you think would win?

Almost every one of the principled conservatives hit Fox News and began defending Donald Trump from the liberal media onslaught, at times feigning faux purity when the left dug deep into the mud. But they assumed Trump supporters were so stupid and forgetful, they could now appear to have had his back all along and it was now their job to remind us as well.

There is a #NeverTrump shit list for a reason and it remains relevant to this day.

If we’re to be fair and are dismissing the liberal media because they colluded with Hillary’s campaign, we should also dismiss the conservative media that also worked against Donald Trump but can now hide behind the convenience of being Republicans.

We all are entitled to our opinions and candidates must make their case to get our votes. But to attempt to rig an outcome behind our backs and now act like they were always one of us…?

This is yet another reason why God gave us middle fingers.

8/28/20 UPDATE

It took almost four years, but ONE conservative has finally publicly acknowledged and apologized for his public error in judgment.

Don’t hold your breath for any of the other arrogant “leaders” to follow suit.

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