#BelieveSurvivors… Only If They’re Liberal Democrats

For weeks during the Brett Kavanaugh-Supreme Court confirmation, we heard constant “Christine Blasey Ford” and her credible, believable accusation and testimony regarding a rape allegation. It was wall-to-wall coverage in the media and protests all the way to the doors of the Supreme Court; that is until the process was concluded. Now, near nothing but […]

The 2018 Midterms: What These Elections Are REALLY All About

After months of nauseous political ads and media prediction drama, it all comes down to the Will of the People on November 6. Just what do you think will happen? For the last few political cycles, we’ve been repeatedly told that “this election is the most important in history”. While we may be still a […]

#CaravanMigrants Could Care Less Americans Don’t Want Them Here

Try just walking into someone’s home without an invitation; someone you don’t know and without their expressed permission. If they are home, you will probably be met with a varying degree of resistance. Heaven forbid if you were to just up and enter Jake Tapper’s home or Don Lemon’s home or Stephen Colbert’s home or […]

Robert Mueller’s #HeToo: When Bad Things Happen to Special Counsels

By Bob Parks As said here many times before, when bad things happen to Americans it’s sad but seldom a big deal, unless that tragedy can be used to aid in a political agenda item. But when bad things happen to the media or politicians and/or the political elite… If Bad Things Happened To Politicians […]

DOJ Threatens ‘Obstruction’ If Trump Releases FISA Documents

If you didn’t think the so-called #DeepState isn’t scared shitless about the possibility that President Trump may soon declassify all documents relating to the Russian collusion ruse, remember: only they are allowed to screw people’s lives and even send anyone they want to prison. It’s not supposed to happen to THEM and now that it’s […]

Missing Part of 13th Amendment Meant to Keep Lawyers From Holding Office

While many misinterpret the line from William Shakespeare’s Henry the Sixth, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”, there has always been a suspicion when it comes to the self-serving motivations of those in that profession. Consider the part of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution that is curiously missing. […]

CNN’s Jim Acosta Lies, Calls President Trump ‘The Original Birther’

It becomes a problem when you just don’t know if a national political correspondent is either functionally ignorant or a liar. Case in point, CNN’s Jim Acosta. During a segment called “CITIZEN by CNN”, he claimed Donald Trump was “the original birther” with regards to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States. […]

The Democrat ‘Blue Wave’ is Beginning to Look Like a Tsunami of Panic

Democrats are quite predictable, especially during election years. They scare their voters with premonitions of social security cuts if Republicans are elected: cuts that NEVER happen. They scare voters with premonitions of all kinds of doom and gloom if Republicans are elected. The media has pundit after pundit on their news programs giving Democrats free […]

NBC News’ Deceptive Tweet Again Shows Racist Contempt for Blacks

NBC News’ latest deceptive edit proves that they have little respect for black people as their intent was clearly to inflame those whom they, rightly or wrongly, are ignorant of the racist history of the Democrat Party. Democrats and their media have made a big deal about removing Confederate statues and monuments while leaving out […]

#FireRonna: 39 House Races Had NO Republican Candidate on the Ballot

When the results come in, Republicans will either keep their majority in the House and Senate or could find themselves at the mercy of a petulant, angry Democrat Party. One would hope the Republican Party would do everything possible to keep their majority status, including making every race competitive; not just raising enough money to […]