Democrats Have Taken the ‘High Road’ Off Their 2025 List of Demands

Over the years, Democrats have always demanded to have it both ways. The very things they do, they demand Republicans not do because they’re supposed to “take the high road” and not be vindictive.

Since the Biden takeover of the Oval Office with a Democrat House, Senate, and justice system (enforcers), they’ve criminalized parental opposition to elected school boards, criticism of the ever-evolving election process, questioning the medical and climate “science”, and now daring to vote against them. Anyone who’s worked for the prior Republican administration is now fair game for political persecution with their personal finances and freedom at stake.

It’s obvious to all who those who consume more than CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post and New York Times what the whole Mar-a-Lago raid of Donald Trump’s personal space and belongings is all about: retrieving ALL documentation regarding the FBI’s fraudulent “Crossfire Hurricane” (and all involved in the) witch hunt against his 2016 campaign and administration that resulted in two failed impeachments. It wouldn’t be surprising if evidence regarding Justice Department interference in the 2020 isn’t in the confiscated cache as well.

Once obtained the, Justice Department will claim all documents as information that could damage national security (in this case, DOJ and FBI job security and justification for possible prosecution) and despite any declassification from former President Trump, will be kept forever from scrutiny of the American people. That is, unless Donald Trump wins the presidency in 2025 and makes all available for all to see.

So, who’s now on the Biden law enforcement hit list?

Much was hidden from the public in the heavily redacted search warrant affidavit for the FBI’s raid on former President Donald J. Trump’s South Florida residence but one thing that wasn’t was the name of Kash Patel and he’s furious about it.

“Today marks another vicious attack from DOJ/FBI who intentionally jeopardized my safety by un-redacting my name in the most reviewed search warrant in the history of the United States,” he said in a statement posted to Truth Social. “This cartel of corruption inside our government is so devoid of concern about national security, they could not be bothered to see the judge in-person. Instead, they literally called in the raid on the home of a former president via the FBI’s best friend, Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp.”
BizPacReview, 8/29/22

And to further illustrate the sheer brazen nature of the Biden administration’s political persecution of his political opponents, fired FBI special agent Peter Strzok gleefully issued a very public warning to Patel on friendly social media.

As mentioned here before (and expectedly concealed from the American people by the media), President Trump signed the Schedule F executive order in October of 2020 to take effect in January 2021. We’ve seen over the years how freaked federal employees get whenever a shutdown restricts their ability to fill their bellies and pay mortgages, so knowing a President Trump was ready to clean house of all the obstructionists in and around Capitol Hill was a probability they could not allow to happen.

They also appreciate that Trump is the nation’s most popular Republican and should he be allowed to run and win again, would spell professional and financial doom for the thousands of overpaid federal employees. There are nowhere near enough contractors and liberal nonprofits to absorb a fraction of them. Their proud instances of insubordination towards the elected President of the United States and his staff will be rewarded with florescent pink slips and a majority of Americans will offer them little sympathy, considering how almost all lived very comfortable lives while citizens were financially suffering after Biden undid every success Trump achieved for the nation.

So, don’t let the legacy media fool you into believing this is all about politics. It is NOT.

This is about the Deep State muscle-flexing while making the best attempt to save their own livelihoods and pensions. That, to them, is what a Donald Trump campaign and presidency is all about and that’s what they need to stop by any means necessary. Of course, a President Trump and his supporters in 2025 will be minded of political decorum, how improper it would be to persecute political opponents, and the potential lives that could be financially ruined by prosecutions.

A tit-for-tat will be necessary to teach Democrats that their actions will be punished as that message will have to be sent for the future. If Republicans obey the demands of the media and their unhinged pundits, take the “high road” and not return the favor, Democrats will do this again. They need to know their bully tactics will be turned back on them if they choose this road again and there needs to be tens of thousands of liberal Democrat casualties to remind them.

THAT is the only thing that will return some semblance of fairness and equal application of justice.

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