Their parents knowingly broke the law to come into the United States. They kept their illegal status hidden to avoid law enforcement and when their crimes aren’t going to be absolved to their liking, they take to the streets and spit in our faces.

Seven people were arrested today for allegedly blocking an intersection outside of Rep. Ed Royce’s office in Brea, where immigration-reform activists had staged a rally for “National Day to Stop Separating Families,” according to organizers.

“I am getting arrested today to tell Representative Ed Royce that he has an obligation to stop hiding behind excuses and publicly support legislation that brings millions of aspiring Americans out of shadows and stop tearing apart families,” explained Hee Joo Yoon, executive director of the Korean Resource Center.

And now that they’re tired of the inconvenience of hiding “in the shadows”, it’s our obligation to change the law so they can move about freely….

Instead of attempting to guilt the American people (who had nothing to do with their parents’ decision to break the law), DREAMers should have a very frank conversation with those who put them in this position in the first place. It’s their problem, not ours.

Then again, there are those who seek to exploit minorities in the proud Democrat tradition.

Of course when President Obama tosses around numbers, we’re supposed to accept them because he says so.

Much of America remains opposed to comprehensive immigration reform, according to a new poll. The numbers were released as thousands of people keep crossing the nation’s border illegally.

As the illegal immigration crisis unravels along the border, new numbers are suggesting a third of the country is satisfied with immigration as it is. The same poll suggests that 41 percent of Americans today want to see a decrease in the number of legal immigrants than just two years ago.

Again we wonder how imperative “comprehensive immigration reform” if it were known illegals would vote Democrat.

Then again, this aligns lawbreakers with their most compatible political party.

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