If Ronald Reagan Could Convert to Conservatism, Why Not Donald Trump?

In listening to “so-called” leaders who claim to be arbiters of what is conservative is almost laughable when it comes to accepting Donald Trump as someone THEY could rally around should he become the Republican nominee.

Ronald Reagan spent 16 years working for conservative principles. Giving speeches. traveling around the country, raising money for conservative organizations, supporting Barry Goldwater. Doing all those things that advance the conservative movement for decades, before he ran for President.
Brent Bozell, For America

Oh really…?

Listen to Democrat Ronald Reagan in 1948 and ask me if these conservative spokespersons, utilizing their “standards”, would be singing his praise if Ronald Reagan decided he wanted to run as Republican for president today….

Conservatives, historically have prided themselves on voting on records and voting for candidates who have been loyal to the Constitution and loyal to conservative principles.
Katie Pavlich, News Editor, Townhall.com

Based on her standard, Pavlich and others would have laughed at Ronald Reagan.

I feel as though a lot of this has turned into popularity over principles….

Donald Trump was a merely “reality star”, Ronald Reagan an actor: both “popular”.

… That’s what conservatism is. It’s principle. I know Donald Trump. I think he is a nice guy. I think he’s got a fantastic family. But that’s not enough to me, anyway, to win over the White House. I want someone who is a great leader and is a staunch conservative and I don’t have to question their authenticity.
Dana Loesch, The Blaze TV

Who are these conservatives to decide if that “road to Damascus, a transformation” is legit or not, and how long it should be? Are we talking a five-day waiting period, a week, a year? Some of us were previously Democrats and while we may not have been politically active before, does that disqualify us now as conservatives and did we miss something in not sending our applications for admission to the conservative movement to Mark Levin and Dana Loesch?

Ronald Reagan is in receipt of the adoration of those who are either bloviating from ignorance or arrogant deception.

Donald Trump is allowed to convert to conservatism and he doesn’t need to be vetted by those would quickly compromise their conservative values for a sizable donation.

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