Donald Trump Exposed the ‘Conservative’ Leech Class

For years, conservatives have railed against the intolerant left’s tendencies to dismiss and ridicule those who had the nerve to disagree with them. For years, conservatives have shown liberals to be without standards except the double ones, and now so-called conservatives have become what they’ve made money decrying.

Of course, we’re talking about the division within the Republican Party because of the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. The one talking point repeated by most is that he “can’t be bought”. There’s more to that.

Campaign Leeches

You’d have to live close to The Beltway to understand how the Donald Trump campaign has upset the standard operating procedure of Washington, D.C. and the consultant, political operative class. The easiest way to describe the filth that exists here is with an analogy.

Let’s say we’re talking about the NFL Playoffs and on a given weekend, eight teams played and four were defeated; their season ended. What would we be saying about the dedication and loyalty to the fans if players on the losing teams started sending their resumes to the teams that were beating them before the game was even over? That NEVER happens in sports but it DOES in politics because these staffers have no loyalty to a candidate or his or her supporters; ONLY to themselves and how much donor cash they can suck into their own bank accounts.

That’s why we saw Reagan-Bush people working on the McCain campaign, Reagan-Bush-McCain people working on the Romney campaign, and now Reagan-Bush-McCain-Romney people working on today’s campaigns, not to mention all of the other primary loser’s people.

That is, except on the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump has dared use his own money and selected a team from people he obviously knows and trust; not from the large pool of proven, experienced win-or-losers who care more about the paycheck than the the American people, and THAT is one reason why the establishment hates Trump. He hasn’t opened his checkbook to them as he was supposed to.

And that brings us to…

Conservative Media ‘Leaders’

We have all these so-called “conservative” leaders who no one elected, have never run for a political office (thus really sticking their necks out), defining conservatism as they so deem, and anyone who dares not follow their lead will incur their wrath, for all that’s really worth.

So, who the hell are THEY?

Has any one of you ever voted for Dana Loesch to be a “leader”? How about Erick Erickson or Brent Bozell or Katie Pavlich or Jenny Beth Martin or Rich Lowry, as well as any of the others who work at glorified, top-heavy nonprofit blogs dependent on big money donors or the charitable donations of retirees?

NOTE: We don’t mean to dash any inflated egos but there are tens of millions of good Republicans out there who’ve never heard of RedState, the Media Research Center, Townhall, the Heritage Foundation, National Review, and/or the myriad of self-important blogs that believe they are oh-so influential with Republican politicians.

Do Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, or Hugh Hewitt remember what happened to the Oprah Winfrey empire once she publicly chose sides with the black guy and rubbed it in the face of her audience members that supported the white woman? To say her empire tanked without recovery would be an understatement, and the arrogance of these so-called conservatives to believe the audience they presently insult will beg to come back home once the general election dust clears is .

I believe Rush Limbaugh remembers, which is why he’s observing the competition and not favoring one opponent over another.

They Believe They’re Immune From Backlash

Self-anointed conservative leaders sure believe they’re your representatives and have come right out and said that anyone who supports Donald Trump is an ignoramus, has mental issues, or worse. Mark Levin arrogantly continues to rant for Ted Cruz, redefining conservatism and rewriting the creds of Ronald Reagan, hoping his listeners won’t know they’re being played.

Some of these blogs and/or nonprofits hit up Donald Trump for money, were turned down, and are having a collective “tude” whenever possible on Fox News, because knowing some of them as I do (as well as their “conservative” convictions), had they received that big check from The Donald, their tune would be 180 degrees opposite.

The unelected “conservative” leaders are as intolerant as black Democrats who banish family members who (oh, Lawd) rebel and vote Republican and feel justified in using the taboo racial slurs against them. A vote for someone who hasn’t paid his dues and spread donor money to the party leech apparatus is misguided, and anyone who votes Trump is thought to be unworthy of intellectual consideration and is insulted on-air with the arrogance conservatives have attacked liberals about for years.

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has turned the sunlight on the process. Not only are we witnessing the attempt by the Republican Party (and their has-beens) to nullify the will of the people, we are seeing the political whore class exposed for the disloyal, money grubbers they are.

Donald Trump is NOT with the refined, scripted, phony consultant-class program, is still winning, and that just pisses them off, while millions of others are delighted that “change” isn’t something exclusive to the left.

As a public service, Donald Trump didn’t give the leeches his money. Taken as a declaration of war by the campaign staff class, the Republican donor class has poured millions of dollars into these bruised-egos and their value (or lack their of) is being revealed to the world.

So, let the RNC and the others try and meddle with the will of the people. You KNOW, Mr. Trump has an app ready for that and he’ll make sure it hurts.

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