In 2013, Rep. Maxine Waters Warned of ‘Powerful’ Obama ‘Database’

With all the talk of the possible illegal surveillance of Trump campaign and transition team communications, possibly by the Obama Administration, it’s quite revealing what California Congresswoman Maxine Waters openly revealed to Roland Martin back in 2013….

Something of the magnitude of spying on an incoming administration isn’t done without at least the knowledge of higher-ups. How high still remains to be seen but Congresswoman Waters at least appears to have confirmed in 2013 that a “powerful” data-gathering infrastructure of some kind was being created for future use and it was going to be so all-encompassing that will ensnare “every individual”, including those who may “go down” with information acquired.

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And think about it: a database created in the name of a sitting president is created with the intention of transferring that data to a private political entity for future use. This sounds highly illegal.

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