Progressive Facebook’s Endorsement, Fundraising for Liberal Nonprofits

Depending on the topic of a given post on Facebook, a button suddenly pops up.

Should you find yourself in an altruistic mood, Facebook offers you a selection of nonprofits they deem worthy of your support. As you may have guessed, almost all are far-left.

Like the Southern Poverty Law Center is hurting for donations….

Aside from the fraud-ridden Wounded Warrior Project nonprofit, there doesn’t appear to be any choice offered for a nonprofit many on the right would donate to and few are any run by minorities. Not like this is really a surprise.

Should you wish to donate to a “personal cause” other than that which Facebook endorses, here’s their screening process to determine worthiness.

Looks harmless enough.

Now, here’s where things get interesting.

You’re offered a limited amount of choices and hope you fit into one of their categories.

If your fundraiser doesn’t fit into any one of the above, things now become subjective.

If approved, any donations that do come in may go through Facebook first. Maybe not for an outright “fee”, but they may hold onto your cash for a couple of days or so they can accrue interest before forwarding the donation to you. It’s probably also a given the same interest gathering process occurs should you donate to one of their endorsed, chosen nonprofits.

How benevolent and generous.

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