Once Donald Trump Leaves Office, Americans Will Be Screwed Over Again

If you listen to the Democrats, their activists and media, you’ll hear how bad things are under President Trump and how happy they are about it.

Despite the sloths who’ve inhabited all government offices and agencies and allowed our economy to languish for decades, a businessman took the reins and did what most of the overpaid slugs insist, to this day, could never have been done.

But what happens, whether it be their desired 2020 or 2024, when Donald Trump’s presidential term ends and we go back to business-as-usual?

After President Trump leaves office, will our economy become...?

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For those of you who still have your 401(k), look at the numbers prior to November 8, 2016 and look at them now.

Think about those who were in control and set up a system where no matter what their decisions are for the rest of the nation, they would land on a nice soft pillow.

Remember those who exempted themselves from an overpriced Obamacare YOU were forced to acquire, even if you couldn’t afford the deductible to access services. Remember an indifferent Federal Reserve that arbitrarily raises interest rates and screws up everything from car to mortgage payments, not to mention your cost of living. Remember the unelected in agencies that ran amok and how their edicts affected, or negatively affected, how you live your lives. Remember all the nations that took advantage of trade policies that sent millions of jobs out of the country because they were negotiated by ignorant bureaucrats who never built a business with their own skin in the game. Remember hostile actors that would capture our soldiers and make then appear pitiful on video because our former POTUS wasn’t respected or feared.

Remember a stock market that we were all told would crash if Donald Trump was elected, that has broken records ever since, and the dip it took when Democrats retook the House and there’s that feeling they’ll do everything politically possible to tank the economy before 2020.

And let’s state the obvious, there’s no Republican on the horizon with the experience and cajones to ever replicate all that is Donald Trump.

Aside from immigration policy that will essentially be the reopening of the unlocked door to the United States and benefits, a military and veterans who will again be relegated to insignificant status, and jobs in poor neighborhoods that may go away, ask those who hate this president what part of the pre-Trump era should we openly embrace and look forward to… again?