French Censoring Video of ‘Arabs’ Wanting to Rape 5-Year-Old Girl

Liberals worldwide demand we allow all “migrants” into their countries, no matter how they wind up there. It’s called every pejorative if you require them to enter legally and/or ask them to embrace and assimilate into the culture forced to absorb them.

We’re constantly reminded how wonderful these “migrants” are and the media is fighting to counter the reality the natives are experiencing.

With Europe’s governments paralysed over what to do and tensions rising on the ground, there has been a surge in support for populist and far-right parties, who have used the opportunity to further anti-immigrant agendas. But not everywhere, and certainly not in Ferrette where Mayor Francois Cohendet has overseen a successful integration and says the migrants’ presence there is “not an issue” but just a part of the community’s normal life.
The Local, 4/28/19

Perpetuating the “We mean you no harm” theme to protect the documented actions of “migrants” all over Europe is a near full time job as evidenced by the French no having to cover up a glimpse into the psyche of those who now walk their streets.

The French Police have been trying to cover up by removing all traces of this video to stop it from spreading online. There’s nothing graphic being shown, this is just damage control for the invaders but it ended up in failure as the video has stared to spread online and the people are double angry, once for the horrific act itself and twice for the fact that the French police is trying to cover up.

There is not much to comment about this video, other than the fact that it happened in France in some children’s playground. We know the girl is somewhere around 5 years old and the guy who filmed it was one of the Muslims who cornered the girl to abuse her.
European Union Times, 3/22/19

Had this happened within a gated community where politicians and bureaucrats who insisted populations absorb and tolerate “migrants” who rape, riot, and kill while receiving benefits many of their own citizens are ineligible for, there would be hell to pay.

The French police made a French citizen delete this video of Arab men sexually harassing a small child in France from her twitter account

But because this only happens in the playgrounds of “ordinary people”, this is no big deal, a fluke, Islamophobia, hate, bigotry, Xenophobia, etc.

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