DeepStateCoup: Now Democrats Want to Protect ‘Sources and Methods’…?

Fat-and-comfortable career law enforcement officials at the FBI and DOJ had no problem with pre-dawn raids for subjects of their Trump campaign, “Russian collusion” so-called investigation. They had no problem forcing people like Lieutenant General Michael Flynn to put his home up for sale so he could defend himself in court. They had no problem selectively enforcing crimes to ensnare and imprison people like Paul Manafort whose only real offense was his three or four months working on the Trump campaign. They had no problem using a discredited “dossier” to issue FISA warrants so they could entrap others who worked on Donald Trump’s campaign and later attempt to derail his presidency.

Subsequent “investigations” by the Democrat-led House of Representatives put an emphasis on “transparency” and demanded EVERYTHING in the Mueller report, including the 2% redacted court-protected grand jury testimony, be made public.

But now that the president was found to have done nothing alleged by the Democrats and their media, and an Inspector General’s coming report may show that pro-Hillary Democrats within federal law enforcement may have tried to rig the election against Donald Trump and subsequently derail and hamstring his administration, and wants EVERYTHING regarding the investigation declassified, transparency is now something deemed “dangerous” by those involved and “sources and methods” must be protected.

Many of whom were engaged, in what essentially was a coup d’etat, now know what it feels like to have federal law enforcement breathing down their necks, the potential cost of having to hire high-priced lawyers just to keep them free on bond, and have their lives and reputations turned upside down and damaged beyond repair.

The only difference is that those they pursued with the full weight of the federal government behind them were either innocent or entrapped. Those pro-Hillary #DeepState career federal law enforcement employees abused their power, assumed Hillary Clinton would win and none of their activities would ever be revealed, and now THEY are facing the very possible prison fate they cavalierly imposed on others.

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