For Those Who Can’t Get Enough of Barack Obama: His THIRD Memoir!

There are some of us who’d never assume an audience would want to read personal musings about glimpses of our daily lives.

Let alone three (and counting) publications of such.

Former President Barack Obama touched on fraught issues of politics, race, and public dialogue in excerpts from an interview released today by the literary and free expression group PEN America. In conversation with Pulitzer-winning biographer Ron Chernow, the former president allowed that the racial upheavals of the past year, coupled with generational change, may herald a more bracing and forthright, less cautious treatment of race in the political realm. It comes just days after the president warned that phrases like “defund the police” could risk alienating allies of reform.

Then again, most of us aren’t Barack Obama and have loyal sycophants who’ll actually buy coffee table dust collectors.

In remarks that will be streamed as part of PEN America’s gala celebration on Tuesday, Dec. 8, President Obama spoke candidly about the differences between talking about issues of race as an American politician and as a writer. He contrasted discussions of race in the context of “politics and getting votes” with “truth-telling and the prophetic voice.”
Pen America, 12/5/20

Of course, there are a few things he left out….

The media wasn’t fair to him, conservatives weren’t fair to him, and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity destroyed his relationships with conservatives.

Any you can experience it all, from his own words… again.

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