What Basic Cable Channels and Content Could You Live Without?

Many of us who have to buy some kind of cable television have avoided the overpriced, premium movie channels that rotate the same films and occasionally give you a new option you’ll watch once. So we’re forced to buy a basic cable package that has a very few daily go-to channels and others we have no real reason to waste our time on and that’s how they get us.

The industry has also resisted offering full choice because overall subscription and advertising revenue could decline. Some channels might not survive at all.
Canada Tests ‘A La Carte’ Cable TV Rates, 3/1/16

Imagine how many more people would sign up for cable if they ONLY had to pay for channels and content they wanted?

What Basic Cable Channels Could You Live Without, Wouldn't Pay For?

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Then again, there are many channels of mediocre-or-worse content that would go out of business and we can’t have any of that. Meanwhile the American public is forced to pay for something we don’t want or use.

What does THAT sound like?

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  1. Steve

    I quit watching television so long ago I can’t even remember when. All I can remember is why. News networks have become untrustworthy. They can’t be relied upon to convey the truth, that is the whole truth. They tend to report the partial truth in a manner that fits their political agenda. Partial: adjective 1) incomplete. 2) biased. Sports are no longer a sport, but a business. Therefore the name of the game is “Win at any cost.” Cheat but deny it if you’re caught. Sportsmanlike conduct is for sports, not football, basketball, etc. Reality shows are somewhat real. The winners on “… Idol” “… Talent” are those who get airtime. Some are chosen to take first place. Some are chosen not to place. If you see them on TV, they won. They just don’t all get to have the leading role. The real part? The only reality of reality TV is the music. There is no fake music. The final straw: I don’t care what anyone does. It’s not my concern or problem. I have my own agenda, which doesn’t include watching anyone else pushing theirs up in my face every day. Via television, propaganda which targets kids and the younger generation is being distributed at a level that is close to complete saturation. Some may disagree with me … so what! What is your definition of a “Modern Family?” Why is Stewie gay? I remember a show that began as “Glee” but quickly took on a new identity. How do I know? I do have a girlfriend (That’s right. I said girlfriend) who watches television, so to be more sociable, I would sit in the living room with her in the evenings. I even found a [very] few shows that were entertaining until they all got on the gay bandwagon. I don’t really care to see 2 middle-aged men kissing on each other. Don’t even label me as having some phobia. I don’t particularly care for tennis either. Therefore, if every TV show evolved into being all about tennis, I would respond the same way: “So you like tennis. I don’t care. Play tennis. That doesn’t mean every program has to have a tennis player in the spotlight.” It’s all just a massive campaign to get the general public to accept their alternative sexual preference. That’s what we are expected to believe. I don’t believe it for one minute and here’s why. I’m not too old, but I’m not green either. I’ve been around long enough to know more about people than many ever will. Understanding who/what they are, recognizing motives and agendas, knowing what makes people comfortable or uncomfortable, etc. requires studying behavioral tendencies of many people for several years. One thing I’ve noticed is the most uncomfortable people are the ones who feel a need to be accepted by others for what they are. That is their crutch to help them with what they cannot do, which is accept themselves. People who can accept themselves don’t care if anyone else accepts them or not. I can accept those who don’t feel the need to be accepted, but I can’t trust those who do, because they will show you a facade they think you will like, as opposed to the truth.


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