President Joe Biden Publicly Blown-Off by Democrats in The White House

If the President of the United States walked into a room, he would be surrounded by many people who’d want to talk to him, be seen with him, get a picture with him, and White House staff would at some point have to break it up so the president could eventually leave.

At no point in modern American history can anyone remember seeing a president wander around after an official White House event with no one to talk to, people walking by him, and even ignoring him.

Well, add yet another historic first to the Joe Biden presidency….

Joe Biden is now the most unpopular person in virtually any room he enters. It’s the president United States in his own house, shunned. Nobody would talk to him. So Biden wandered off, looking vacant as a crowd formed around a former president, Barack Obama, who was obviously deeply grateful for the attention. And then it got worse. Biden tried to horn in on the conversation swirling around Obama. Everyone involved in that conversation, including Kamala Harris, who supposedly works for Biden, ignored Biden completely. Biden desperately tried to get Obama’s attention. He puts his hand on Obama’s shoulder. He even calls him “Barack” like they’re friends, but Obama blows him off. He acts like Biden is not even there.
Tucker Carlson, 4/5/22

Joe Biden IS there because almost everyone in that room, in some way, supported him. Now they all want to act like he’s not their problem.

When you’re walking around aimlessly and alone at an event in your own “home”, that kinda’ says it all.

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