There are many on the right who genuinely don’t know about anything that doesn’t appear on either the Drudge Report or Fox News, so this may be breaking news to some.

Fox News anchor Shep Smith himself said he has a “fagitude”.  As we stopped watching him years ago because he was too full of himself on air, we can’t say if he’s brought his personal life on the set but let’s be real here: there are a lot who watch “the craziest conservative network on Earth” that might have a problem with that, he knows it, and he appears a tad condescending regarding his audience.

Last month at his alma mater, the University of Mississippi, he said as much and not in a seven-second soundbite taken out of context.

He just went on and on…

So why go there? What’s ever accomplished by insulting your audience at that “freaky place I’m working” and their sense of morality, or with the climate of sexual harassment awareness at Fox News, could it be something else? Is it now about giving his employer a pause from taking actions against him for a situation in HIS past, or is he just being a narcissistic jerk?

Since we don’t watch Shep, we could care less.

We report, you decide.

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