Schiff Show: Why Adam Schiff, Liberal Media Can Never Again Be Believed

We were told (literally) for YEARS that there was all this “evidence” that Donald Trump, his campaign, Transition Team and later his Administration “colluded” with the Russians to help him defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

It turns out, NONE of what Schiff, Democrats and their parrot media was true regarding “Russian collusion”, at least when it comes to who was actually doing the colluding.

Current Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has apparently been pushing to prevent the release — perhaps because he for years has claimed he saw “direct evidence” of Trump-Russia collusion that neither the FBI nor even Mueller’s endless probe ever found. It seems that none of the 53 witnesses interviewed by the committee — including Obama officials Jim Clapper, Loretta Lynch, Sam Power, Susan Rice, Sally Yates and Andrew McCabe — said they’d seen any evidence of collusion.

Indeed, it looks like the only “evidence” the FBI ever had was the hearsay claims (which various Russians were paid to make) in the opposition-research dossier that Hillary Clinton’s campaign commissioned — a fact that the FBI and Justice Department concealed from the courts even as it was the only basis for their wiretap requests.
New York Post, 5/7/20

As U.S. Attorney John Durham wraps up his investigation, hopefully we’ll find out who ALL the players were in this coup d’etat that was nearly pulled off and holds them responsible for all of the collateral damage done.

Folks, we lost the House of Representatives because of this. We lost two years, 2-1/2 years of an agenda being implemented. Who knows what other damage resulted to this country because of this, and half of the country — statistically half of the country — was believing every word of this. We had news organizations winning Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting on this.

Remember, they spent years reporting this four and five times a day every day, seven days a week for two years. New York Times, Washington Post, Times, CNN, MSNBC. And the whole time they knew it was all a lie. They knew there was nothing to it. It was entirely made up, and the plot hatched in the Obama Oval Office.
Rush Limbaugh, 5/8/20

Adam Schiff should be removed from office, if not in handcuffs and people need to go jail so this never happens to another American ever again.

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